Problem - By conducting survey research, we found that 8 out of 10 people get lost trying to find their groceries. How might we help the everyday grocery shopper have a faster and more efficient shopping experience?

Solution - GiGo’s solution is to make the shopping experience more timely, efficient and satisfying. GiGo is unique because it allows the user to choose any store and the app will provide that store’s exact layout. GiGo has the option of searching any item located in any store, then guide the user to that product's exact location. GiGo will help solve the problem everybody faces while grocery shopping.


GiGo’s prototype provides the option for users to choose any store in their local area. Once the user clicks on the grocery store on the homepage, GiGo will provide that store’s exact layout. Then, there will be multiple options to search for one's desired item. This is where GiGo can help. For those who are in a hurry, there will be a search bar where the item can be searched and GiGo will provide the fastest route to that item's location. When items are searched/selected, related items and coupons will be shown at the bottom of the screen. For those who use a grocery list while shopping, there will be an option to enter that list in the app. Once the user is finished entering everything in the list, GiGo will give the fastest route to all of the items on the list and show step by step directions to help users navigate their way in finding their items in the aisles and on the shelves.  GiGo will provide a "google maps experience" within the store, all on one’s phone. It will be like street view, but instead of street view, we will be calling it aisle view. This will be done to ensure shoppers find everything they're shopping for.


On one of the first days of this school year the idea of GiGo came to the whiteboard and everyone believed GiGo can go very far and be a very successful app. We all came back together later that semester and decided to join StartUp Weekend trying to gain help from experienced people in the startup world. We left that weekend with more than what we expected by gaining a prototyped app that shows you every feature we wanted as well as gaining a possible partnership with Yoke's Fresh Market who said that they would love to be the first store on the GiGo app. GiGo has attended two Business Plan Competitions. Our first competition was at Whitworth University, the Northwest Entrepreneurship Competition getting 3rd place, earning $500 because of the executive summary & pitch video, presentation at the trade show, business plan, and a formal 15 minute presentation in person on campus in front of judges from the entrepreneurship community. Our last Business Plan Competition was at Washington State University. We were top 5 chosen across the state, awarded $1000 for our venture. Overall, this year we have won $1500 but have gained so much more than that. GiGo has gained knowledge on starting a business as well as entrepreneurial experience.

Brayden Dilworth  - Co-Founder & CEO

Brayden Dilworth - Co-Founder & CEO

Hunter Stewart  - Social Media & Communications Lead, Marketing Team

Hunter Stewart - Social Media & Communications Lead, Marketing Team

Emily Borske  - Co-Founder & Financial Lead

Emily Borske - Co-Founder & Financial Lead

Tyler Wheeler  - Web Developer & Designer

Tyler Wheeler - Web Developer & Designer

Noah Trosine  - Operations & Marketing Lead

Noah Trosine - Operations & Marketing Lead